European Championships

The second DanceStars European Championship takes place this season May 13th to 15th, 2022 in the Karkar, Germany.

One weekend of dancing, gala, workshops and of course a lot of competitions.
Be part of the worldwide DanceStars competition and present your dance skills and creativity to the world.

We cannot wait to see you perform!

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European Championships
<font style="color: #faf0e6">About DanceStars

About DanceStars

Dance stars is a competition that focuses specifically on classical ballet, jazz, modern dance, showdance and the various other dance styles.

It gives the dancers from all over Europe the opportunity to present themselves to a large audience and a real jury.

We want to offer the dancers the stage they deserve, so come and join our competitions!

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The European Championship will take place in
Wunderland Kalkar (DE)

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*Many Styles;
Contemporary / Jazz, Ballet , Musical theatre / show dance, Street / commercial, Open

*All Ages
*All Levels

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